Math Art with pixel equation

It is very simple to make a beautiful mathematical artistic pattern just by three line of C++ codes:

for(int x=0;x<640;x++)

for(int y=0;y<480;y++)

setpixel(x,y,x*x+y*y); //or any other formula


You can make many beautiful patterns just by simple equations based on x and y using 16 colour pallet.

Here you can see some of those patterns:

To try codes by yourself:


To know more, watch this video:



The only social network of video tutorial makers

Sometimes, after making a video tutorial and uploading it on youtube, you feel you need to share it in other places too and maybe your facebook profile is not a good place for it since your friends are not necessarily interested in those fields. So, from a year ago I was working on making a social network for video tutorial makers to make a none profit sibling-hood society of those people to share their knowledge and help each other to make better tutorials. Tutorials can be in any language. So, if your language has not so many speakers, feel free to join and we support you.
Until now, I have never seen such similar website and I hope many people join us, whether they have video tutorial or not. your join and shares would help our community grow fast and I hope this website contributes positive effects for open source movement.
This is the website:

And in this video, I explain how to use this website.

Join us and find great friends here.

Solving Minesweeper by Algebra

Today, I was playing Minesweeper just for fun. However, after a while the game got serious for me when I got stuck here:

MineSweeper Dilemma

MineSweeper Dilemma

I’m not a good player in MineSweeper, but I’m quite good in mathematics. So I draw a table on a piece of paper and wrote down numbers I see on bottom left. Then, I named the blocks I was doubtful about:

MineSweeper Variable Naming

MineSweeper Variable Naming

There are two blocks next to number 2 so only one of them are 1(Mine) and the other is zero(Clean). Hence, I call them y and y’

I call the two blocks on the left and right of 1, x and x’ because just one of them is 1 and the other is zero.

There is another number one adjacent to y,y’,x,z and only one of these variables is 1 so I can write:

MineSweeper Formula

MineSweeper Formula

since y+y’=1, x and z should be both zero:

MineSweeper Solved

MineSweeper Solved

Should I trust mathematics?? 🙂

I do.

I clicked on both x and z and they were clean, but it was a pity that I made a mistake later somewhere else:

MineSweeper After Click

MineSweeper After Click

I know this problem has other ways to solve, but I chose algebra 😉

Top Forum Jerks

Each time you ask a question in a forum, you may face these Forum Jerks:


1- Google Jerks: they are people who always reply each post by “google it”. They are one of the most horrible character types. Some issues cannot be found in Google or they are for too old versions and don’t work anymore. Moreover, Google is flooded with a lot of intentioned posts, nontechnical contents or you may need to read 92 pages of a forum to (maybe) understand  what the solution is. Not always Google does give you a clean answer.

Just Google it


2- Buy our Product Jerks: It is not only issue of advertising untrustable product. But nobody will pay for things that can be obtained for free and even better and permanent(Even free third party is hated!). In addition, paying for a technical support is suitable for a business not for somebody who earns nothing from that.



3- Incomplete Answers Jerks: These type of jerks give you short answer that you do not understand. Then, they disappear forever and they will never explain the meaning of their words.


4- Know-it-all Jerks: If you trust words of these jerks, you would feel that you are nothing and they are the greatest scientists who have spent all their life in the best libraries.


5- It will be reported Jerks: when ever these jerks show their provocative manner and somebody says “it doesn’t relate to you” they comment that it will be reported. They know that they have nothing to report. Just want to hurt.



6- Signature-Mania Jerks:  When a bunch of these jerks put comments in a forum hardly can you find any content there. You see a lot of pages of your browser flooded by long signatures of name-droppings and quotes, advertisements of hosting and irrelevant services while their content is a non-informative single line of smilies such as :)))))))



7- Distractive Jerks: All they do is to divert from the main subject of forum. As far as they are lonely, it’s not such a big deal. However, if they find a peer and start conversations a technical forums of Linux Server will end up with discussions about Religion, History, Superior race, Terrorism, etc.


8- Ethical Conclusion Jerks: They always try to find a way to conclude we have to respect  our parents, respect each other’s ideas and go to church regularly in a forum of Apache Configuration!



9- Moderator Jerks: I am powerful because I am the moderator of this forum. If you don’t accept it, go to another forum. If you like your current account you had login with, no dear to disagree with them!



10- PM Me Jerks: send me a private message! usually these jerks do something against rules of forum and in most cases they are trying to find a customer in forums.



if you know other types of them, drop them as comment.

Which one do you hate the most?

– Arashium